Who Wants More Leads & Sales?

Everyone, in every business will undoubtedly answer YES to such an easy question.

The simple answer to getting more clients is to advertise.

I mean, it’s so obvious!

But what most small businesses know all too well is that the conventional way to advertise on billboards, printed ads, radio & TV can be out of reach both from a budget, and an audience perspective.

Not every business is suited to advertise on these mediums, and these offline methods are more of a shotgun approach.

If you are a dentist or an attorney, then having a billboard on the side of the highway is almost certainly reaching your audience’s eyeballs.

However, it’s also reaching people who are not interested in your services because you aren’t able to target only your ideal audience in most cases.

Apply These 2 Secrets and You Can Save Up to 95% On Your Advertising Costs!

Imagine that you printed off 10,000 brochures, and sent them out in the daily newspaper and only 50 people called in about what they saw on the brochure.

Normally, you have to pay for all 10,000 brochures to be printed, then the delivery fee by the newspapers, etc. In the end, only 50 out of 10,000 got a response!

What if I told, that you could reach your target audience with relevant ads, and only pay for the ad when the person engages with it?

That’s the beauty of advertising online.

If your ad displayed 10,000 times online, and only 50 people clicked it, you only have to pay for those 50 clicks.

Secret #1 - Advertise Online

Now, that might not sound like the biggest secret to you, but if you’re one of the 80% of businesses that barely have an online presence, then online ads may be completely new to you.

One of our clients was paying over $30,000 per month on printed ads, door hangers to be exact, sending out to thousands of homes.

By setting up digital campaigns for them, we reduced their spend by 95%!! for double their original lead intake.

Are these the results you’re looking for?

Secret #2 - The One To One Method

This secret is a bit more technical, but the concept is simple enough.

When advertising online with paid searches, you can assign as many keywords to a campaign as you want. 

It’s a very useful feature that allows you to make ad campaign creation much easier to cover many different keywords to capture as many searches as possible.

However, as convenient as this is, this lowers the relevance score by the search engine for the ad campaign.

This results in a lower placement for most ads, so you would have to pay more than your competitors in order to rank higher.

That’s where secret #2 comes into play. The one to one method.

Simply put, for every ad campaign, you only use 1 keyword term. This increases your relevance score to the highest possible value, and in turn allows you to reduce your ads cost up to 30% or even more!

Then you simply duplicate your campaign for as many keyword terms you have.

How Do I Do This?

Anyone can open an ad account on the various networks and begin advertising their business.

However, the success of an ad campaign is based on many factors.

Such as…

There is a lot to keep track of after the campaign is launched as well, such as budgets, impressions, click through rates, conversions, and more.

Now, you could spend time learning all these things and managing your own ad campaigns…

Just like how people go to professionals, you can do the same!

If you needed braces or dental implants, you wouldn’t do your own dental work, would you? 

If you had a legal matter, surely you wouldn’t represent yourself in court.

When buying a home, you go to a mortgage broker to secure the best rates instead of going to every bank on your own.

The same applies to growing your leads and sales in your business, you go to the professionals. 

That is why here at Green Knight, we have a special offering on Paid Ad Management.


Your Dedicated Ad Manager

We are Green Knight, a Digital Marketing Agency with a strong focus on service based professionals such as Real Estate Agents, Dentists, Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers, and more.

Whether you serve a local community only, or are able to provide services nationwide or even internationally through remote meetings, we can help connect you with your target market to close the sale.

How Does This Work?

Our service offering is quite simple. We provide the following services on a monthly basis with no contract terms:

  • Funnel creation and management. (1 Funnel included)
    • If you don’t know what a funnel is, think of it like a sales pipeline.
  • Ad campaign creation and management
    • We will discuss the best networks that fit for your business and offers.
  • Google analytics setup included (Used for tracking visitor actions)
  • Monthly reporting on the status of your ads to keep you up to date on how effective your campaign(s) is/are
    • Data we track includes:
      • Impressions (How many people saw your ads)
      • Clicks and Click Through Rate
      • Bounce Rate (How many people left without taking action)
      • Conversion Rate (How many people took action)

Okay that's great, so how much is this going to cost?

We like to keep things simple and standard across the board so our pricing reflects that.

Our base price includes all the services stated above, and starts at $1,000/month for a single funnel, and each additional funnel added is an extra $1,000/month.

Wait, what's a funnel?

Think of a funnel as a start to finish sales pipeline.

For example, if you are a dentist that sell dental implants, dentures, and invisalign braces, those would be 3 separate funnels, since they would require different landing pages that explain each of them, along with lead contact forms, follow ups, and more.

We also have a minimum advertising budget requirement of $500.

How many leads or sales does $500 bring in?

That can vary based on your location, the industry that you’re in, as well as how competitive your campaigns are.

We have seen cases in our network where an attorney earns $10 for every $1 spent on their ad campaign.

We must be up front however, and be clear that we can make no guarantee of any earnings or a specific return on ad spend (ROAS), as each client is unique.

That is why when we have our initial consultation, we collect as much data as we can to provide you with a relative report on your industry, location, and campaign to factor in your profitability and long term vision for the future.

Are there any long term commitments?

We work on a month to month basis, so as long as we get 30 days notice, you can easily cancel if you find that this isn’t working out in your favour. 

We have had clients with us for years, and as long as they are getting results, everyone wins.

How to Get Started

Fill out the form below, and we will arrange our free initial consultation to discuss your business and make sure you are a right fit.